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Visas and Travel Documents

Do I need a visa?
  • Semester or Year-long programs: Depending on the country and your country of citizenship, students who study abroad for a semester or more (i.e. 90+ days) may need a visa or a residence permit. You MUST check the specific country's entry/exit requirements.
  • Short-term/Faculty-led programs: Students who study abroad on short-term programs MUST check the country's entry requirements. You may or may not need a visa depending on the length of your stay and your country of citizenship.
A transit visa is sometimes required when the flight connection involves a 3rd country. Visas are required based on your citizenship and/or the country that issued your passport. Visas often take more than a month to process, please be sure to apply for a visa well before you are scheduled to leave the U.S. YOU are responsible for applying for, paying for, and getting the visa. Often, this includes going to another state for an appointment with the consulate of the country you will be studying in. The fee for the visa is NOT included in the cost of the program.

Travel Documents 
Getting a U.S. Passport: This page contains useful information for advising students/faculty about getting and renewing their passports.
Visas for studying abroad: This page contains country-specific information about visa requirements (Entry/Exit Requirements for U.S. citizens).  

Please also visit Project Visa
 to learn about visa requirements.

If you have further questions about visa requirements, please consult with the Office of International Education.