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Financial Aid

Will I continue to receive financial aid if I study abroad?

Financial aid for students who study abroad works very much like it does for students who study at ESU. In order for federal financial aid to be available, the courses taken must be able to be applied to degree requirements for a student’s current program of study. Students need to be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for federal loans. If applicable, grant aid may be available at a less than half-time enrollment status. In addition, students need to be mindful that financial aid monies are disbursed according to ESU's academic calendar. In other words, if the study abroad program starts before the beginning of the ESU semester, there will be a wait period before financial aid is disbursed. 

Below are the steps to use if the student is planning to study abroad and needs financial assistance.  Each of these steps must be completed before leaving for a study abroad experience:
  1. Apply for a study abroad program
  2. Apply for federal aid by way of the FAFSA (if you have not already done so)
  3. Complete the Prior Approval Form (as part of the ESU Online Study Abroad Application)
  4. Make an appointment with a financial aid counselor and obtain their signature on the form
  5. Make all necessary arrangements for disbursement (i.e. all financial aid requirements have been satisfied)
    1. Enroll in a payment plan if needed.
    2. To use Federal loan or grant money to pay non-institutional charges, complete the Title IV Authorization
  6. Set up direct deposit for excess scholarship, grant and/or loan money: Log onto Hornet 365 >Students>Financial Center>Student Account Center> Electronic Refunds
  7. Set up Proxy Access for a family member so they can receive information on your behalf if you are unable to contact the financial aid office during business hours
  8. Set up Authorized User for parent, guardian, spouse to discuss student account details with Cashier & Student Account staff: Log onto Hornet 365 >Students>Financial Center>Student Account Center>Authorized Users