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Teach Abroad

The OIE is partnering with the Teachers College to bring the future generation of teachers the unique hands-on experience of teaching abroad. With options in 5 countries, you'll get a tailored student teaching experience for the final four weeks of your student teaching semester. This program not only looks great on a resume, it will develop your world view, deepen your character, and be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Qualification Requirements
To qualify, you must complete all graduation requirements including the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio by the end of the 12-week student teaching placement. You must also receive approval from your advisors and department chair. For the international placement, complete a satisfactory interview with the Office of International Education.

Application Process
Students must first apply for and be accepted through the Teacher's College portion of the application. You will need to set up a meeting first with your advisor, then to the applicable coordinator:
· Beginning of Block 2: Stephanie Perez
· Beginning of Phase 1: Dr. Amanda Lickteig

Learn more about Teach Abroad Programs and apply here