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There are Many Different Options to Study Abroad!

Faculty-led programs - Short-term programs, anywhere from one week to over a month, where you travel with an ESU faculty member for academic purposes. Check out more under our Faculty-Led tab.
Semester programs - You may participate in a study abroad for the duration of one or two semesters (Fall and/or Spring).
· This can be through a partner exchange school (See Partner Exchange Programs) or
· Through a third-party provider, such as ISEP (See ISEP)

Summer programs - Independent from faculty-led programs, You may choose to work with a provider or a partner school to study abroad in the summer.

Teach Abroad programs  - The OIE is partnering with the Teacher's College to bring the future generation of teachers the unique hands-on experience of teaching abroad. With options in 5 countries, you'll get a tailored student teaching experience for the final four weeks of your student teaching semester. This program not only looks great on a resume, it will develop your world view, deepen your character, and be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Internships -  If you want to gain practical experience and explore the world, this maybe an option for you. Check out our Internships tab for more details.