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ISEP Exchange

ESU Partners with ISEP to break down financial and academic barriers and to make sure study abroad is accessible and more affordable. ISEP offers an array of programs among a global community of nearly 350 universities and colleges in more than 50 countries. Students can participate in a semester-long or a full-year program. 
How does ISEP Exchange work?
When you go abroad through ISEP Exchange, you pay your home institution’s tuition, housing and meals and take the spot of another student at another ISEP university. During the application process, you will rank your top ten preferred universities on their website, and they will place you on a program depending on space and your academic needs.

Credits from your study abroad experience will need to be transferred to ESU. To receive financial aid, those courses will also need to apply toward your degree. See below for more cost information.

Learn more about ISEP and Apply Here

If you chose to study through an ISEP exchange, prices are listed on a semester-by-semester basis. You will be paying some fees directly to ESU, and some fees directly to ISEP. You will also need to plan for additional expenses.

It is important to make sure you have enough money to last the duration of your stay.  

Tuition, Fees, Transcripts, Room & Board Varies
Study Abroad Fee $225/semester
ISEP Exchange Application Fee $100.00
ISEP Exchange Placement Fee $395.00
Insurance $8-$95/month
Exchange Placement Extension Fee $100.00 
*If you extend placement from a semester to a year
Academic Training Processing Fee (for J-1 Visa students only) Payable only if you participate in Academic Training
Passport $110 Application Fee
$35 Execution Fee (new passports only)
$60 Expedited Fee (if needed within 4-6 weeks)
Additional costs to get passport photograph taken
Visa/Residency Permit Varies by country
*Some countries will require you to have a certain amount of money in your bank account.
**Some visas require you to travel to an embassy
Airfare and Transportation Varies by destination
Books and Materials Varies by program
Spending Money Make a budget to save for the trip and keep a budget while you are abroad.